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The National Extension Technology Community Annual Conference is an annual event that provides an opportunity for sharing and learning about innovative types and uses of information technology. Participation is not limited to faculty and staff of Extension. In fact, anyone with an interest in information technology and its uses in higher education, as well as in organization management, is welcome to participate. The first conference was held in 1986 in Blacksburg, Virginia, and since that time, the conference has continued to grow and foster more and more education and outreach in the field of information technology. For more information about the history or the organization itself, visit the National Extension Technology Community's official website.

"Should I come?"

Yes! If you work in the field of information technology (especially at a educational institution), then this conference will provide valuable talks, and the ability to interact with and learn from other tech professionals - from Extension staff to IT providers, to communications and networking partners.

Technology is changing all around us all the time. Gain insights into what's happening now and what's to come in the world of technology. Gain a better foothold to become even more proficient in your area of interest, and hear from industry-leading professionals.

Registration is Open!

Location Information

If you would like information about accommodations and the city of Savannah, Georgia, then visit our location page:

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