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Conference Agenda

See the day-by-day view of the conference, or view breakout sessions by track. This is a great way to see all the awesome content that is going to be at the conference.

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NETC Awards Program

The members of the National Extension Technology Community Board are excited to announce a new awards program with the goal of recognizing outstanding performers within the Community. For these inaugural awards, nominations were sought in three categories: the NETC Award for Individual Excellence, the NETC Award for Team Excellence and the NETC Award for Intestinal Fortitude.

Nominations for the NETC Awards are now closed. We thank you for taking the time to nominate such outstanding IT professionals and teams for these awards. The awards will be presented at the 31st Annual NETC Conference in Savannah. For more information, visit the Annual Awards page of the NETC website

Savannah Tours

What's that? You need more fun than just the conference? Well, luckily for you we have some pretty spectacular tours lined up:

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